Andrew Gareth Young

His work currently focuses on lost and found adolescence. We are lost in our self-indulgent primal behavior, forgoing the morals and values our parents have instilled in us. In these images we reflect on our own experiences of these dark visceral moments and places. Our juvenility is found when we disregard our age and act on impulses, often finding ourselves demonstrating irreverent, self-gratifying exploits.

Spontaneous in some parts and carefully designed in others; my explorative compositions are the backbone to the
figurative rendering. The result is sporadic abstraction paired with hyper-realism. My technical focus is to illuminate
subjects with areas of saturated clarity, while obscuring them with textures of the known and discovered. The work
blends the authentic with the abstract in order to form a relationship between the figure and the intangible
— between order and chaos.

Artitst Drew Young painting in a Vancouver art gallery